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  1. My mother at the hotel as a receptionist.

  2. On Sundays we go the restaurant.

  3. Did Charlie Chaplin have children?

  4. William Shakespeare born in London.

  5. Cecil go to the party last night.

  6. Would you some grapes?

  7. London is much Cardiff.

  8. When this bridge?

  9. Mary wants to go to Egypt. She the pyramids.

  10. I to China next year.

  11. They breakfast when they heard about that terrible accident.

  12. I never pictures when I'm on holiday.

  13. Have you got homework to do?

  14. Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?
    Yes, I met who knows you - Mark

  15. His son hopes famous one day.

  16. Would you mind opening the window?

  17. Pamela Anderson is the actress I know.

  18. People with heart diseases smoke.

  19. What will you do if you money?

  20. He asked me where .

  21. English all over the world.

  22. I about my girlfriend. She is in New York.

  23. My car today, so I can't give you a lift.

  24. I get up very early when I was at school.

  25. She her son to turn down the music.

  26. My mother a teacher since she was 21.

  27. What would you do if you a ghost?

  28. I'll give you a ring before I .

  29. I didn't do my homework.

  30. Though it was hard, I soon got used to in this place.

  31. Which would you ? Meat or fish?

  32. I was very , but I didn't say a word.

  33. The manager didn't let Lucinda because she was too tall.

  34. The accident was the result of pilot's .

  35. The play is on every night for the next three weeks Sundays.

  36. I was afraid that if I let my son stay too long out something bad might to him.

  37. I don't think anybody will be taken by that story.

  38. I think you get your brother to do something for his grandmother.

  39. At first they thought it was nothing serious, but then they saw her condition was worse.

  40. Don Boone left school in 1976 he moved to York.

  41. When we got to work we began to discover very interesting things.

  42. I always repeat the information I haven't heard it correctly.

  43. The suspect was described the man with no morals at all.

  44. It was a difficult exam that I couldn't finish it.

  45. He apologized her car and offered to get it repaired.

  46. I didn't go to university when I was younger but I'm sure I that.

  47. I can't help it.

  48. She wished she him. He turned out to be so brutal.

  49. I'd better for a job.

  50. I don't feel like .

  51. thinks that the earth is flat is a fool.

  52. When she sufficient capital, she put in an offer on the house.

  53. I think I him but I'm not sure.

  54. I would have come to the party if I to go to the theatre.

  55. She asked me special attention to her baby.